Over 40% of the time U.S. Border officials grant an incorrect immigration status, incorrect expiration or both. Due to the nuances related to R-1 religious workers entering the U.S., it is even more critical to aggressively monitor travel and border records and take corrective action. An incorrect status can result in significant risks for the religious worker, including a finding of unauthorized employment or deportation. Our pro-active monitoring service prevents such costly setbacks to your religious worker program.

Using Volpe Law Firm’s International Travel & Border Records Monitoring, you can prevent unnecessary hassle and harm to your organization and to your religious workers.

  • Monitoring all nonimmigrant religious workers within your organization
  • Thorough review of border records to identify common errors such as incorrect status or expiration
  • Weekly monitoring service by experienced professionals to quickly identify red flags
  • Prompt response and proactive outreach to border officers
  • Rapid resolution of any problems with religious worker status

Don’t let status errors prevent your religious workers from carrying out important work. With Volpe Law Firm by your side, you can rest assured that unnecessary errors are captured and corrected in record time.

The Case of Fr. Sanchez:
On April 20, Fr. Sanchez returned to the U.S. with his R-1 visa after a brief trip to Colombia. The border official accidentally admitted Fr. Sanchez as an F-1 student and not as an R-1 religious worker. Therefore, Fr. Sanchez was working illegally and additionally violating his F-1 student status since he was not studying. Neither Fr. Sanchez nor his Diocese was aware of the problem.

Undetected, this mistake could have made Fr. Sanchez deportable. Luckily, Fr. Sanchez and his Diocese are clients of Volpe Law Firm and leverage the firm’s international travel and border records monitoring services. In reviewing Fr. Sanchez’s record, Volpe Law Firm detected the error and worked with border officers to take corrective action within 72 hours of his arrival.

Don’t let status errors go undetected.
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